Letter Re: The Psychological Trauma of a Home Burglary

Mr. Editor:
Just about nine hours ago, my house was burglarized. My husband, three kids, and the dog is still asleep while I’m anxiously waiting for sunrise. Thank God we were not home but security of home is invaded. I’m scared, nervous, and unsure of the future. I tell myself to be strong for them but body is numbed and jelly-like.

My kids and I came home from a school event around 7 P.M. yesterday evening. We all went straight to the kitchen for a snack. The house was at its usual state, toys scattered around, and the living room ceiling fan was on. (It was left on when we left it because it has been over 100 degrees F.) Fifteen minutes later, we all went upstairs heading to the kids’ room to get the kids showered and ready for bed. I walked towards the hall to my bedroom and noticed the lamp next to my bed was on. I was thinking that my husband must have come home to change and gone to dinner with his friends after. I slowly walked to the master bedroom bathroom where I found my jewelry box broken into, and my closet open with opened boxes. I frantically asked the kids to put their clothes on, grabbed my 16 month old toddler and called the police.

I never thought that it would happen to us. Thanked God that we weren’t home at the time. This has changed my life. Will my house ever be safe again for my family? – Michele P.

JWR Replies: You aren’t alone. All that I can recommend is that you upgrade your home security, increase your level of threat awareness, and get trained and equipped for home defense. Be vigilant, and you’ll be better able to handle another would-be intruder–even if you meet him face-to-face.