Letter Re: Recommendation for Reunel Truck Bumpers

James Wesley:
I live in a part of western Wyoming “where the deer and the antelope play.” Drivers around here often have deer collisions. There are so many collisions that “deer wreck” repairs are the main source of business for the local auto body shops. (And the standing joke here is, you aren’t a real citizen of the state until you’ve had your first deer wreck.) Because of this, it is pretty typical to see heavy-duty brushguard type bumpers on pickups and SUVs all around my region. But I heard from the local body shop that many of these bumpers are not completely deer proof. So I asked them which brand truly is. They said the best are made by Reunel Bumpers. (It is pronounced “Roo-Knell.”) They’re made in Northern California, but they ship them all over the country. The one that I got for my truck is incredibly beefy. It is not just deer proof. At 700 pounds, I think it is almost elk proof! They are not cheap, but I think mine will nearly pay for itself the first time that I hit a deer.

I also have no doubt that if the times go all Road Warrior then my Reunel bumper will make me much more likely the victor and the dispenser of Van-Dammage–instead of being the recipient– if I ever get engaged in a life-or-death game of bumper cars. – Al in Wyoming