Letter Re: An Arms and Armor Maker Recommendation

I recommend that you and your readers look into Windlass Steelcrafts, a company with a wide range of hand-weaponry, armor, etc., from ancient to modern. Most swords, for example, on the market are soft stainless steel. This company provides swords made from a variety of steel, including layered, high carbon, Damascus steel. These people make real weapons: “Its founder, Mr. V. P. Windlass set up this manufacturing plant to supply the British Gurkha regiments with Kukris, their main sidearm weapon.”

Here is information on how they manufacture swords.

Some examples of their weaponry:

A Damascus Viking Sword

Erbach Sword

Spearhead. (Notice the full socket.)

Butt cap.

JWR Replies: Edged weapons might be a reasonable option for folks who live in locales where private ownership of firearms is restricted. Buy ironically, many of these same countries are now banning edged weapons, as well! As discussed previously in SurvivalBlog, even there, walking sticks (with sufficient training) are an option.