Notes from JWR:

To those who have asked, the anticipated release date for the first sequel to my novel “Patriots” is September of 2011. The manuscript has been submitted, and the editors at Atria (a division of Simon & Schuster) are now working on it. It will be It is tentatively titled: Veterans: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse. Unlike most novel sequels, the storyline of “Veterans” is contemporaneous with the events described in my previously-published novel. Most of this first sequel takes place in Arizona and New Mexico. There is also major sub-plot about a U.S. Army officer who is released from active duty and must find his way home 11,000 miles from Afghanistan, right in the midst of The Crunch. OBTW, I’m already drafting the second sequel, which should be released in September of 2012. Watch for further announcements in the blog, closer to the publication date.

Today we present a guest article by Steve Collins, a staff instructor for Suarez International, Inc.