Three Letters Re: Ammo Carrying Options for M1 Garand Owners

A gentleman posted some options about carrying M1 Garand ammo clips, and I wanted to share this link and his story if that was possible: Olongapo Outfitters
He makes gear specifically for Carbines and Garands, and while he has a bit of a wait time, he’s had good reviews. – M.W.

In addition to the methods described in the 11 June SurvivalBlog letter from Matt R. regarding M1 Garand ammo carrying options, there are at least three other excellent methods worthy of note.

The twin-magazine MOLLE pouches meant for the carry of a pair of 30-round M16 magazines will nicely carry three loaded Garand clips in each pouch cell for a total of six clips or 48 rounds of ammo, only with the clips placed in the pouch with their bullets pointing toward the sides of the pouches instead of vertically. Similarly, the common three-magazine M16 magazine pouch, usually seen in OD nylon, also works very well with Garand clips instead of the bulkier box-type magazines. the small straps meant to keep the M16 magazines separate from each other need to be removed to use them for Garand clips, a pretty simple modification. Either of these pouches can be used with either a web pistol belt and LBE suspenders, or with a MOLLE vest or ballistic plate carrier with MOLLE straps.

Also usable: the 10-pocket Chinese cotton web chest pouch belt for the SKS, each pouch holding a pair of stripper clips for the SKS rifle. These pouches will also take a pair of Garand clips each, making it a 160-round pouch that’s frequently available for around $10.00- $15.00 or so. There is also a smaller accessory pouch built into the ChiCom SKS chest pouch belt, providing a place for cleaning gear, spare parts or a first aid kit.

One source for these is ODSurplus in Texas, which lists the ChiCom pouches for $11.00 each, plus shipping. regards, – George S.

Check out the M1 Garand 48 Round En Bloc Clip Pouch made by FCO. Regards, – Timothy J.