Letter Re: COSTCO Stores as a Source for Storage Food and Survival Gear

Dear Jim,

I’m in no way affiliated with COSTCO but have the store to be an outstanding source for survival gear. The other night I saw in the store, for example:

Bottled water, rice, beans, canned foods, soup
Waterproof (submersible) 25-liter backpack what would make a good Bug Out Bag
Twin pack Motorola 35-mile (max/optimal conditions) FRS/GMRS radios with NOAA weather alerts: $50 — I bought a pair
Twin pack LED tactical aluminum flashlights with strobe setting: $20 –I bought several
Power Generators (two models)
Really good prices on batteries of all types (from AAA to marine)
Tarps, storage shelves, storage boxes/bins (the Allied Moving kit, seasonally available, is a great deal for a ton of cardboard boxes)
Bulk quantities of toilet paper, feminine products, diapers/wipes, etc.
Trash bags, foil, plastic wrap, ziploc bags, Gladware, etc.

First aid kits, bulk quantities of Band-Aids, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer
Bulk Vitamins, Over The Counter (OTC) medicines
5-gallon bucket of emergency food rations
A 14-gallon portable gas tank/pump-dispenser on wheels.

In the past I have seen other useful items such as photovoltaic panels, gun safes, etc.

I just wanted to point out that this fine company has apparently made a conscious effort to cater to the preparedness community. Best regards, – CZ

JWR Replies: You’ve reminded me that I should mention that my “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course (presently offered at a special sale price) focuses on stocking up at “Big Box” stores, like COSTCO and Sam’s Club. The course includes a “walking tour” that I narrated at a Sam’s Club store. (It was transcribed and is included in the course binder. In it, I show in the course how to stock up inexpensively at Big Box store, all in just one or two trips, even if need be at the Eleventh Hour.