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Brian B. mentioned this commentary by Robert Prechter: Gold Correction Factors, Hidden Dollar Swap Hammer.

Signs of the times: Wait grows longer for Rhode Island tax refunds

My old friend Fred The Valmetmeister wrote: “It looks like some of us will be paying a lot more tax next year – [in all] more than 50 percent [income tax]. The 35 percent [Federal income tax] rate goes back to 39.6 percent next year, plus state income tax (6.9 percent in my state) plus 3.8 percent to cover the new health care that just passed. I find it amazing that dividends will be taxed like ordinary income; that will get all the old people; it’ll get the ones who voted for BHO and they thought that only ‘the rich’ would have to pay…”

Items from The Economatrix:

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