Economics and Investing:

E.M.B. sent a link to a useful US Coin Melt Calculator.

Michael K. sent us this: South Africa Fights Rand Counterfeits a Month Before World Cup

Brett G. suggested this: Jim Rogers: Even More Currency, Market Turmoil on the Way

Andrew H. sent this from Richard Russell, the editor of The Dow Theory Letter: You Won’t Recognize America by the End of the Year. Here are a couple of quotes: “Do your friends a favor… Tell them to get out of debt and sell anything they can sell (and don’t need) in order to get liquid. Tell them that Richard Russell says that by the end of this year they won’t recognize the country.” … “Just as for years I asked, cajoled, insisted, threatened, demanded, that my subscribers buy gold, I am now insisting, demanding, begging my subscribers to get out of stocks… and get into cash or gold (bullion if possible).”

Items from The Economatrix:

Moody’s Sovereign Debt Head to Quit Moody’s

Pfizer Axing Eight Factories, 6,000 Jobs

Dozens Storm D.C. Bank Branches

With Local Gold Inventories Depleted, Panicking German Dealers Stage Run an Krugerrands

Shadow Inventory Sales for Years to Come