Economics and Investing:

Several readers sent this news item to file under “I told you so”: Gold hits all-time high as investors seek haven

Arnaud de Borchgrave: Stock Market Time Bomb?

Reader Rich in Montana notes that recently “two minutes of honesty slipped out”, on the David Letterman Show: Hmmmm…. A Crack In The Dam?

Bill Downey sent me his essay “Brother Can You Spare a Trillion?” Since SurvivalBlog is intentionally light on graphics (in deference to our readers that use mobile devices), I’m pointing you to the essay (with charts) which is already posted at the excellent Zero Hedge blog. The charts and text that Downey presents are alarming!

A press release from the National Inflation Association: The World’s Fiat Currency System Risks Collapse

Unions warn of Greek-style riots in Britain against public sector cuts after court victory over capping of redundancies. (A hat tip to Brian B. for the link.)

Items from The Economatrix:

Roubini: We Will Have Even More Crises in the Future

Germany Might Have to Pay Entire Euro Aid Bill!

Unions Warn of Greek-Style Riots in Britain

Stock Market Crash Exposes World of Electronic Trading

Ron Paul: How the Euro Bailout Will Lead to Currency Collapse

US Exposure to EU Bailout is $50 Billion

Schwarzenegger Preps “Terrible Cuts” to Close Deficit