Economics and Investing:

Morris S. suggested: Six investing rules for a worst-case scenario

Mark Frey Calls It: Europe Enters Full Scale Financial Panic

David Rosenberg: Euro Breakdown Could Drive Gold to $3,000. Rosenberg’s target for the Dow: 4,800. (A hat tip to Flavio, for the linkio.)

|Courtesy of SurvivalBlog’s Poet Laureate, George Gordon (“G.G.”): U.S. Debt Shock May Hit In 2018, Maybe as Soon as 2013: Moody’s

Also from G.G.: We Are Out of Money; American governance won’t begin to inch forward until the political class faces basic facts.

Items from The Economatrix:

UK Budget Deficit to Surpass Greece

Productivity Growth Ebbs, Hiring Outlook Uncertain

California AG Sues Pension Officials for Fraud

Merkel Plea to Save Europe as Panic Hits Iberia

HSBC Warns of New Credit Crunch From Tough Bank Regulation

ECB Paralysis Rattles Markets as Debt Costs Hits New Highs

Greece Will Default and Gold Will Vault

Eight Theories Why the Stock Market Plunged Almost 1,000 Points in a Matter of Minutes on 5/6/10

Celente On The Dow Collapse