Letter Re: The Importance of Food Storage

Dear Friends,
Most of you are preparing, Great.

Some of you are thinking of preparing, but find it hard to believe tough times could happen in the near future as this never happened before in our life. We all have insurance for our homes and/or automobiles that we pay for in premiums year after year, after year.

Please think of food storage as insurance. Come what may, be it disruptions in “just in time” inventory at the local food chain, civil strife, or inflation. Food storage will pay great dividends for you and your family.

Please read the following and then spend a hour or two reading about world current events outside television news programming.

If you think I’m just crazy, then so be it. Sorry I bothered you. Let me know and I’ll stop with the e-mails. Enjoy your World Wrestling Federation events, your Dancing with the Stars, and America’s Next Top Model/Singer programming. – Steve K.