Letter Re: Life of the Farm in Western Australia

I have only started reading your web site recently and I must admit I am a little nonplussed. I am a farmer living on the far edge of the Western Australian Wheatbelt, 400 km from Perth (capitol city) and I grow a vegie garden, we buy food in bulk and have at least 6months in the pantry,being a farmer I have a rifle( I generally only use it to kill crook sheep and shoot rabbits), we have a 50 tree fruit orchard and preserve our own fruit, we are on the power grid but we do have a generator (lots of power failures) and I slaughter and dress my own animals. Also I am the last person in the district to milk a cow admittedly with a single stand milking machine. I am not a survivalist "nut", this is the way we live. If you live in an isolated area(and there are more isolated places then here) it pays to be prepared. Like keeping common size bearings on hand or always telling someone where you are going and when you will be back. I have found reading your web site interesting and very informative. In my opinion the best thing you can do to prepare for anything the world throws at you is to learn as many things as possible. You may not think knowing how concrete is made (and similar topics) is useful but you never know. You have a great blog site. – Helen