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Steve H. recommended this article: Era of paper assets may be winding down

Reader S.K.F. recommended: While the Greece Fire Spreads, a Trade War Begins

A.C.L. mentioned some frightening charts published by The Chicago Tribune: A Tsunami of Red Ink. JWR Adds: I can remember back in 1977, writing fervent letters to my congressman, urging him to help keep the National Debt under $1 Trillion. Now the debt is 20 times that! BTW, that congressman who ignored my letters was Fortney “Pete” Stark, (Democrat) of California. He is still is Washington D.C. (a 37- year incumbent!) And Stark is still spending tax dollars at a rate that would make even a drunken sailor blush. (On second thought, I shouldn’t be so insulting to drunken sailors. At least they stop spending, when they run out of cash. Politicians don’t. They just create more, out of thin air!)

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