Letter Re: Standardizing with DeWalt 18 VDC Power Tools

While DeWalt is a good choice for tools, in order to save at least 30% off your next purchase look into the factory reconditioned web sites of DeWalt or in my case Bosch Tools. I used the Bosch 12 volt DC drill, in a production factory setting 10 hours a day for a year as a test. The battery only needed swapping once a day. The results were that I gave all our corded drills to the employees and purchased seven of their 12 VDC drills for the production floor. Bosch also has the 6 foot drop test on concrete test on their side.

Each unit had two batteries and charger and its built in circuitry it would charge the battery without the battery developing a memory. These drills stood up to many years of factory daily use and they came
with a one year total replacement and a two year repair warranty after that. I purchased for personal use the 18 volt combo set. It came with a coupon for a hand plainer that has come in handy. Each job is different and yes, there is a difference between 12v, 18v and 24v as far as battery life. If weight of the tool is an issue, then the 12 volt tools will take care of most routine jobs and will be lighter to handle. You may
also look into a 12 volt[input voltage] charger that is available for both. I also purchased a table saw, a compound miter saw and a router with table from the Factory Reconditioned site at least a 30% savings. Choose the best tools you can but more important save at least 30 % while doing so. Go to the factory site and look for reconditioned tools. These will have a new factory warranty and you will see the latest offerings.

I found out about Bosch through a open house at a welding supply house. I also was able to acquire a neat ratchet set [made in Taiwan] that eliminates the need for deep socket sets, called the GearRatchet. At these open houses at your local welding [or tool] distributor you will find lots of new items to consider and you will save money during the show on new tools and get some excellent food. In my case I was also able to get an extra 5% off by purchasing as many tools as I could and writing a testimonial letter about my experience with the company’s tools when negotiating with the sales rep. I have no financial interest in these companies. I used to own a business and tried to buy the tools that passed the test of abuse and time. When considering your tool purchase talk to those that use the tools daily and when you purchase spending a little more can go a long way. I still have tools that I purchased 40 years ago and used daily at work for 30 years. Regards, – Jeff B.