Letter Re: The Advent of McBunkers

Hi Mr. Rawles,
Here’s an interesting article I just came across: Bunker Mentality: The Ultimate Underground Shelter.

This is the web site for the company: Terra Vivos.

I guess this concept was inevitable and I would expect that more companies would get into this business. While I don’t fault anyone from wanting to be prepared, I just see tremendous logistical problems that I doubt would be surmountable. It also seems to me that these “McBunkers” might represent a large bullseye target from opportunists.

Take care, – BB

JWR Replies: I agree! Be very wary of large scale commercial ventures with a high public profile, folks! Even if they are entirely legit, there is still the risk that they will end up on the post-Schumer shopping list for some One-Percenter biker gang.