Letter Re: Standardizing with DeWalt 18 VDC Power Tools

Dear James:
As a builder, I rely on 120 VAC current for everything, including charging the dozen or so cordless tool batteries that we use daily. I recently purchased a DeWalt 12VDC “car charger” and am in the process of streamlining my cordless tool collection. I have a bunch of different tools and batteries from a variety of manufacturers, which I’m liquidating. In going to an all-DeWalt power tool collection, I now have the ability to charge all of my batteries (regardless of voltage) from a PV panel and voltage- regulated jump pack. I’m sure other tool manufacturers offer car chargers for their batteries too. In an extended grid down situation, I’ll still have plenty of operational tools, lights, and a radio as well. Thanks for all you do, – AdamElk

JWR Replies: I agree that cordless power tools made by Dewalt using 18 volt batteries are a good choice, especially if you get the ones with their latest “Nano” lithium ion battery technology. (The lithium ion batteries are still bit expensive for now, but I expect those prices to continue to fall, with the economies of scale. )