Letter Re: You May Not Need to Buy New 12 Volt Batteries

The recent post on battery rejuvenation touts a $200 unit, but the reality is that electronic battery [pulse] desulfators for 12V batteries are widely available for as little as $25 and they do just as well. (Check eBay for the phrase ‘battery desulfator’ and for more info on units, Google search the term.) The devices I believe originated in the Army decades ago and they operate by taking a little of the battery DC and changing it to AC impulses that break down lead sulfate crystals by hitting them at a resonant frequency of the molecule. This may operate by a piezoelectric kind of effect that mechanically vibrates the crystals to self-wear them down..In any event, if a battery is not shorted out internally but is one that’s developed a high resistance coatings of crystals on the plates, this can add life. If one has electronics construction skills, you also can buy inexpensive kits for building rejuvenators. Be aware that rejuvenation takes a lot of time to take effect, sometimes on the order of weeks. The kit units can be left on working batteries to keep them from developing sulfation in the future, but eventually normal lead shedding will kill off many batteries, especially if it creates internal shorts. Then, charging current will merely heat up the short and do nothing else worthwhile. – Bert K.