Letter Re: Demographics and Population Density Map Resources

Mr. Rawles:
I’ve seen a few posts mentioning Population Density maps, but what I’ve seen so far doesn’t let you really drill into a particular geographic region.

Webfoot has population density maps (among other demographics) based on the 2000 census, and using Google Maps.

With webfoot you can drill down to a city level and get a good granular picture of an area, instead of inferring density from a static, US-wide map. It can be a little slow to load, but the wait is worth it.

So if you’re like me, and trapped in the Northeast, you can use this map to find pockets of sparse population away from the Golden Hordes’ lines of drift…

Another great map from this site is from the 2008 election. There are various interesting overlays, such as the location of all Wal-Marts, should you wish to steer clear of those.

There is also an expert mode which allows you to get even more granular data about a particular region. You can slice-and-dice the data in several ways.

The data in these maps gives you a great, albeit disturbing, view into American demographics. Sadly, this site is best viewed in Internet Explorer – I had problems with navigation using other browsers.

Hope it helps. – “Equality”