Letter Re: Concealed Carry Reciprocity Resources

Reading your blog this morning, I ran across “Odds ‘n Sods” item from Pete A. with a map on concealed carry changes over the years across these United States. Yes indeed, “Let freedom ring!”

This link brought to mind several sites that show reciprocity of permits between states. I think you may have shown some in the past, but with changes, an update may be needed. This could be invaluable to your readers who travel and/or are interested in relocating. Also, many states now offer “non-resident” permits. This is an easy method for expanding the areas in which you can legally carry concealed.

As always, check local regs before going as web sites may not update instantly as laws change. These are listed in alphabetical order not any basis of content or accuracy.



NRA-ILA web site – map

USACarry.com – map

Thanks for all you do. keep up the good fight. – B.N.