Economics and Investing:

It appears that the precious metals bull market is resuming his run. I stand by my long-term predictions. Once again, buy on the dips.

Michael W. sent this: Nickel rallies to 21-month high. As I’ve written before: Save your nickels! (They now have a base metal value of just over 6 cents. But just wait until the next Era of Inflation kicks in. Mark my words: Nickels will eventually sell at 3X, or 4X their face value. )

Rob C. mentioned an interesting audio interview with Andrew Maguire and Adrian Douglas. They describe the 100:1 naked leverage being used in the LBMA’s “unallocated” paper metals market. Talk about a house of cards!

El Jefe Jeff E. sent this: ADP Says U.S. Companies Unexpectedly Cut Payrolls. Jeff’s comments: “This is most insane thing I have ever seen. Mainstream media outlets continue to be “surprised” and deteriorating financials are seen as “unexpected”. What planet are these guys on? Where have they been? On what basis, financial, economic or political, do they think the economy can possibly get better? The Democrats have just socialized medicine, banking, brokerage, student loans, the auto industry and threaten to do the same with energy. They have capped Americans’ earning potential. The socialists have just passed the largest spending bill and tax increase in the history of the country ([nationalized] health care)…”

Reader RBS liked this piece by Robert J. Samuelson: With health bill, Obama has sown the seeds of a budget crisis.

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