Letter Re: Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs–Planned Tactics for TEOTWAWKI

Hello Mr Rawles
About a month ago, I read your book “How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It”, followed a week later by Patriots“. I quickly realized how unprepared I was for even possible but probable emergencies. I started to ask question of coworkers of what they would do in an emergency. One co-worker was a former motorcycle club (gang) member. He told me that he would get with some of the club members in the area. This could be as many as 50 to 60 members. They would have plenty of “bullets” and plan on taking the “beans” from everybody else. This very much reminded me of the scenes in “Patriots” [where the outlaw motorcycle club took over a small town in Idaho.]

The tactics would be to take over a small town and go from house to house taking what they wanted. If you resist, they would burn you out of your house. Of course they would shoot everyone else. Once they finished in one town they would move on to the next.

I have been working with this individual for over three years. I have no reason to doubt what he said. From other things he told me they would be better armed than most police departments. This would include things like Kevlar body armor, long range rifles and handguns. All of these items are cached, so that if the police did visit (search) a home or club, then the illegal Items are not in their possession. But within an hour they would be fully armed and ready to go.

When he SHTF, and society starts to collapse, [outlaw] motorcycle clubs (gangs) are poised to take action. The things that they’d do, they would have no remorse about doing them. – TAC in Illinois

JWR Replies: I’d only temper those comments with the proviso that it is only true outlaw motorcycle gangs–the ones that call themselves “One Percenters” that have such plans. But even that small minority is still a huge threat to face.