Letter Re: Affordable Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers?

Hi James,
I’m almost through your book “How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It” for the second time and was wondering if you could recommend some 5-6 gallon stainless steel food storage containers for long term storage? I like the idea of food safe, oxygen-impermeable, and vermin-proof containers. Looking around on the web I found a pharmaceutical supply firm that sells nice ones for well above $1000 each. Also a few wine barrel vendors that were out of my price range.
Thanks, – Curtis

JWR Replies: One of my consulting clients in a locale where they have “rats the size of cats”, had problems with his HDPE plastic buckets of rice and wheat getting chewed through. His solution: He bought used stainless steel beer kegs–the type with one large bung hole (I presume for the “tap”.) Shop around!