Economics and Investing:

Tom B. and “Word” both sent us this: Tax refugees staging escape from New York. Tom B. described as “voting with their feet.”

Julius suggested an amazing Summary of US Foreclosure Activity. Wow! One in every 23 homes in Nevada is in foreclosure!

An interesting piece over at Housing Storm: Contradictions and Symptoms of the Great Depression

Items from The Economatrix:

GM Seen Posting Sales Again

Stocks Turn Lower as New Home Sales Fall

New Home Sales Fall a Surprising 3.6%

Treasury, GMAC in Talks for Third Round of Aid

Durable Goods Orders Rise 1% in September (Whoopee! Release the balloons!)

Energy Prices Slide on Surprise Jump in Gas Supply

Worsening Job Picture Fuels Slide in Confidence

Roubini: Carry Trades Fueling “Huge” Asset Bubble

Weiss: The War on the US Dollar

Iranian Oil Bourse Opens

UK: Credit Card Companies Will be Forced to Clean Up their Act

Regulators Prepare for the Next “Big One”

It Will be Difficult for the Housing Market to Return to Normal