Letter Re: A Canadian’s Refreshing Travel Through the Western United States


My son (17 years old) and I, along with my dad and sister who live in Washington State just completed a 4,700 mile road trip on motorcycles, traveling down through British Columbia. We met up with my relatives in Washington, then continued down into Oregon, cutting down to Northeastern California, over into Nevada, down into Utah then to the Four Corners and back up to Idaho cutting across to Western Washington and saying good bye to them before we continued back home. My point is, we saw a lot of empty land, met a lot of good people, saw some close friends who share same beliefs and expectations of what is to come; and we were greatly encouraged!

Sometimes living in an isolated community, you get to feeling stagnant, lethargic or complacent. Seeing the western US and those who live in the country was refreshing. And, it is a small world. We ran into people who knew people…

It was very good to see others and hear them firsthand relate their preparations for the future. I spent some time with one friend, and we spent the afternoon shooting one of his firearms, an FN-FAL. What a great experience! This was on his property his own range complete with 300, 400 and 500 yard gongs. (We shot at the 300, and found that the FN is a great MBR!)

In His Care, brothers always, – Ray