Letter Re: A Geographically Isolated Retreat Locale: Republic, Washington

Jim –
First, may I join many, many others in extending my condolences for your recent loss along with my gratitude for your work with SurvivalBlog.

I have struggled with the thought of writing this or not for some time. I have finally decided that the potential positives outweigh the negatives.

This past year I bought some property outside of Republic, Washington, population about 900. The town is located about 170 miles Northwest of Spokane, Washington.. Republic is the county seat of Ferry County, the least populated county in Washington State and is classified as a “frontier” environment. Republic sits in a North-South mountain valley guarded on the East by the highest pass in Washington State and on the West by the second highest. Approach from the South is via a ferry across Lake Roosevelt and traversing the Colville Indian Reservation. To the North, the Canadian border is about 30 miles with a similar remote environment in Canada. The nearest towns of any consequence are about 45 miles to the West and 50 miles to the East. Tactically and strategically Republic is in a very attractive location and far from having limited resources, Republic has “everything you need and nothin’ you don’t.” The primary downside, as I see it, is that it is in Washington State where the political climate and many of the laws, including tax laws, run counter to the promotion of an ideal retreat location. Other than that, Republic offers everything I was looking for and the property is everything I wanted – and more! (God is amazing, not only providing what we need but occasionally surprising us with a little extra)

There is property available in and around Republic – some of it very attractive property with water, productive farmland, timber, wild game, and wonderful neighbors with a frontier, self-sufficient attitude – at attractive prices compared to other areas I investigated (Northwest Montana, Northern and Central Idaho, Eastern Washington). Herein came my problem. I am well aware of the cons associated with revealing the location of one’s retreat property. However, someone is going to buy the properties that are for sale, and become available in the future, and I would prefer my new future neighbors be of a similar mindset to myself regarding self-sufficiency and preparing for the future. Therefore I have decided to call a little attention to Republic, Washington as a potential retirement / retreat location for those considering a location in the Pacific Northwest.

Shalom, – The Gatekeeper