Economics and Investing:

Reader B.B. sent us the link to this “must hear” audio clip: Peter Schiff issues a Red Alert: “Get out of the US dollar”. Schiff warns: “This is what the Weimar Republic did, and we are going to have the same result.”

Flavio liked this video clip of an an interview with Steve Forbes and Thomas E. Woods: Is Capitalism the Cause or the Solution to the Financial Crisis? This 28-minute video is well worth watching.

GG suggested a piece by Carnegie Mellon University professor Allan Meltzer in the Wall Street Journal: The United States is headed toward a new financial crisis.

Also from GG: Go for Gold: If the Fed Keeps Printing, the Dollar Will Keep Falling

Karen H. flagged this item: Goldman Sachs Still Paid for Swaps on Redeemed Bonds

Items from The Economatrix:

US Jobless Claims Climb More than Projected

7,000 Unemployed Americans Lose Their Lifeline Every Day. 200,000 to lose benefits in October if not extended

Mike Whitney: The Dollar Will Not Crash

UK: 1 Million Homes are Empty

Conditions In Place for Oil to Break $100 Again

Return of High Oil Prices Threatens Real Damage

23 States Report Higher Unemployment in September

Seven Months After Stimulus 49 of 50 States Have Lost Jobs

The Sound You Hear is the Social Fabric About to Snap
Real unemployment is really at 17%

We are “Worried” about Weak Dollar, Eurogroup Chief Says

Mexico Lawmakers Pass Tax Hike, Rating Fears Remain

Recession Will Be “Full Blown Depression”

Japanese Exports Fall 30.7% on Year In September