Economics and Investing:

Regular content contributor GG sent us a link to this press release: Adam Storch Named Managing Executive of SEC’s Enforcement Division. “Unbelievable! The Securities & Exchange Commission last week appointed a 29-year old Goldman Sachs executive as the managing executive of its enforcement division. You already know about all the curious contacts Goldman’s leader Lloyd Blankfein has had with Treasury heads Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner. So I assume the SEC must also be aware of these contacts. While I have no reason to question Mr. Storch’s ethics or motives in taking this job that presumably pays a fraction of his Goldman salary, not to mention bonus, isn’t the SEC even a little concerned about its already soiled reputation?”

Yea, the great MOAB doth grow mightily, as hath been presaged in the blog of doom: Obama to announce help for small banks, businesses. “Wow, free money for everyone!” (Kudos to GG for the link.)

Bank of America to start charging customers for not using credit cards. Latest bank fee is for paying off credit card on time every month. (This news was mentioned to me by both GG and by Mike Williamson.)

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