Economics and Investing:

Reader CP suggested a column piece by Malcolm Berko: Taking Stock. CP’s comment: “While Berko runs an investment advice column, he’s generally not a cheerleader for irrational exuberance. This response to a reader’s question is an general indictment of the markets and those who might as well be donning grass skirts dancing on a beach to appease the financial gods.”

Commentary from Dan Denninger: Consumer Credit: Disaster, Down $12 billion

Items from The Economatrix:

US Consumers Cut Borrowing by $12 Billion in August

Mortgage Rates Below 5% Fuel Re-Fi Boom

Gold Price Hit Record High on Report to Ditch Dollar

Gold Breakout Alert

Dead Man Walking

Dow at 6,300 By Year End

China Calls End to Dollar Hegemony

Dollar Tumbles on Report of its Demise

Sugar the New Oil as Prices Soar. JWR’s comment: Although most SurvivalBlog readers wisely store mostly honey, it might be prudent to buy some refined sugar to store for holiday baking and for barter, before the retail price of sugar jumps.