Economics and Investing:

Reader DLF spotted this: Detroit: Too broke to bury their dead

Foreclosure Rate Rises 17 Percent. (Thanks to The Other Chris for the link.)

A residential real estate shadow inventory case study.

Items from The Economatrix:

Manufacturing, Employment Pounds Stocks

Jobs and Manufacturing Suggest Slow Recovery

Banks Trim Use of Emergency Fed Programs

September US Auto Sales Fall Amid Clunkers Letdown

Natural Gas Tumbles with Most Ever in Storage

Unprecedented US Corporate Defaults Seen for 2009
[JWR’s comment: So where is the “recovery” that the CNBC cheering section keeps talking about? I think that a recovery around 2022 may be closer to the truth.]

Greenspan: Growth Slowing, Stocks “Flattening Out”

Dollar Falls Again in Second Quarterly Loss

Schoon: The Coffin-Shaped Recovery

Dan Denninger: The Banking System is Insolvent