Letter Re: Range Report from Another Distaff Appleseed Shooter

James Wesley,|
My hubby and I attended an Appleseed Project shoot last weekend at a local range. Our reward for all our planning to finally make one. Wow! What an openly honest and insightful man Fred is about his Appleseed project mission. I chatted with him throughout the weekend. He is truly a passionate visionary and an active proponent of legislative action. He can readily account accurate attestation on any Revolutionary War topic concerning the acts of examples of Freedom and LIberty and the Preservation of Civilian Rights to bear Arms, by our Forefathers. With that vision and mission, he demands proficiency in participants in rifle knowledge, personal responsibility, safety on his ranges, and a basic but thorough and accurate account and understanding of the rewards and consequences of actions carried out by the History of our Revolutionary Forefathers who were so God Blessed in Wisdom and foresight.

Hubby and I are sore in places we didn’t know could get sore. Between the two of us, we put near 1,000 rounds of ammo into the Army Qualification Target (AQT) targets and Redcoats down that firing line.

I’m quoting this from Fred from his posting on his Appleseed forum site. It is his observations made on the post-Ramseur shoot forum.
I was one of those “girls” he mentioned. (In fact I was the one who nailed the Redcoat center target at 400 yards!)
BTW, I had never shot the rifle I was using for this shoot, before that morning. This was my first target shots of the shoot and for that new Ruger 10/.22 rifle.

Here is a quote from Fred:

“There was a slight embarrassment on the first Redcoat target of the day.

Asked “who has three shots on the 400 yard target?” only one person raised her hand.

Asked “who has three hits on the 300 yard target?”, three more hands went up – all girls!

Man, it was tough to be an hombre that morning… Grin.”

Hubby also proudly qualified for his Rifleman patch on the day’s last AQT firing round that evening. I missed it by 20 points, mostly due to time lost on bolt release malfunctions on the newly-manufactured Ruger 10/.22 custom he presented me with the night before this shoot.

I figure with a month of serious daily practice using all the new learned knowledge and skills, which were extended so generously to all of us, by every single one of those All-Volunteer instructors, I intend to go back on that line and do my duty of Survival Preparedness for my country, and for my family, and so that Future Progeny will be enabled to continue telling this story for future generations of riflemen.
Let us Never Forget! The lives of many Freemen paved the way for us today, to enjoy the lasting Liberty and Freedom of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and To be able to Protect this great country from tyranny. Never Forget them and our American Freedom Story! – KAF