Economics and Investing:

Greg sent us this: FDIC Considers Borrowing From Treasury to Shore Up Deposit Insurance

Chaz liked this one: The U.S. Balance Sheet: Households See Net Worth Down by $12 Trillion Since Peak and Total Debt Floating in the Market of $33 Trillion

Items from The Economatrix:

Housing, Jobless Data Point to a Slow Economic Recovery

Stocks Zigzag After Rally as Jobless Claims Dip

FedEx First Quarter Profits Fall, Sees Improving Economy

Oil Edges Higher on Hints of Economic Improvement

Paul’s “Audit The Fed” Bill One Co-Sponsor Away from Being Veto Proof

A Deluded G-20

Odds ‘n Sods:

Federal Judge Rules Police Cannot Detain People for Openly Carrying Guns — Includes nationwide map linking to open carry laws for each state. (Thanks to Cheryl for the link.)

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Food Stamp List Soars Past 35 Million: USDA

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Mexico Water Shortage Becomes Crisis Amid Drought

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White Paper Examines Role of Agricultural Innovations in Meeting World Food Crisis