Economics and Investing:

Pete A. spotted this one: Map: Household incomes by state. Look for some coming shifts in this map as the recession cum depression deepens. I think that the steepest declines in come will be on the coasts and in The Rust Belt. But a lot of my Recommended Retreat Areas may do better.

From Krys W.: US credit shrinks at Great Depression rate prompting fears of double-dip recession

Items from The Economatrix:

Money Market Funds No Longer Guaranteed. “… the US Government will no longer guarantee Money Market Funds. The key points are that the smart money is getting out of Money Market funds. Assets in these funds have declined by 15% in the last month. There is still $2 trillion in non-Treasury Money Market funds. Are you sure your Money Market fund is safe? The second and more important point is that the Treasury is trying to force this money into the biggest banks. Let’s not let that happen. If you withdraw your money, put it in a local credit union or small bank in your community. But of course be sure to first check that institution’s safety rating.

Peter Schiff Says Deflation Will Be BIG…when you measure it in gold

Foreign Demand For Long-Term US Securities Fall

Unemployment in Industrial World to Hit New High

Mortgage Problems are Walloping Americans’ Credit Scores

Could China Propel Gold to $2,000?

“It Is Dangerous to Think the Financial Crisis is Already Behind Us”

Garfield Gets It
(The Mogambo Guru)

US Credit Card Defaults Up, Signals Consumer Stress

Which Crisis?