Economics and Investing:

U.S. Government to Loan Brazil’s Petrobras $10 Billion. This supercedes the old offer of $2 billion. Oh, but wait a minute! So if the BHO administration favors offshore drilling in US coastal waters, then why is this money going to Petrobras-Brazil instead of to US companies?

Sue C. spotted this one: Dollar Falls to Lowest Versus Euro in 2009 as Stocks Rally

And from A.C.: Schiff: Rising Gold Signals Inflation

Items from The Economatrix:

Gary North: Deflation, Inflation, Stagflation, Mass Inflation, Hyperinflation: Which One Will Get Us First?

Obama Says US Still Faces Complex Economic Crisis

Federal Reserve Saved Us From Another Depression?
Methinks it is a bit early for self-congratulation…

International Regulators Agree on New Bank Rules

A Year After Meltdown: Tough Questions, Choices

Sears Hits Back at “Inaccurate” Report

Obama Accused of Making “Depression” Mistakes

G-20 May Curb Banker Pay, Profit at Pittsburgh Summit

Obama Offers Steps to Make Retirement Savings Easier
The recession wiped out $2 Trillion in retirement savings. Now they want us to buy US Savings Bonds (with long maturities), just before mass inflation sets in. What sort of fools do they think we are?

BoE May Introduce Negative Interest Rates for First Time in History
. (Japan tried “Super zero” rates. It didn’t work for them, and I’m fairly confident that it won’t for the Brits, either.)

French Economy Seen as Stabilizing

Russia’s Credit Rating at Risk as Era of Deficits Loom

Ruble to Fall 10% by March on Deficit

Fed Imposes Restrictions on Two Midwest Banks

ECB’s Trichet Says World Economy Shows Signs of Stabilizing

Bob Chapman: Financial Crisis, US Market Trends

Increased Liquidity Boosts Economic Recovery Hopes

UK Was Hours from Bank Shutdown