Economics and Investing:

Brendon sent this: “Zombie suppliers” haunt manufacturing sector

From H.H.: Italian banks may take ham and wine as collateral

Cut my pay … please! As the number of layoffs mount, more workers are ready and willing to take significant pay cuts to find employment. (Thanks to Ben M. for the link.)

From DD: Small retailers feel sharper pinch; Cuts in consumer spending hit mom-and-pop shops hard

Reader KAF spotted this: As Banks Repay Bailout Money, U.S. Sees a Profit

U.S. Stocks Fall After China Markets Trigger Global Sell-Off

Damon flagged this: Daily Commodities Fundamentals: China Takes An Overnight Plunge, Oil Follows (Gold down, silver up.)

Also from Damon come this piece in The Australian: China’s liking for silver is good news for miners

I found these three bits of analysis posted over at

Puru Saxena: Peak Oil – Supply Data Doesn’t Lie

Chris Laird: Prelude To Stagflation? Transition From Crisis To Stagflation

Jim Willie: US Bank Enemies At The Gates