Economics and Investing:

Brad H. sent this from Capitalism magazine: The Collapse of America? The Dire Message of Mr. David Walker

Detroit sets record for unemployment–28.9% (Thank to Paul B. for the link.)

Items from The Economatrix:

Arnold Holds Great California Garage Sale To Help Economy

How Goldman Sach’s Problems are Hurting You

US Economy: Spending Climbed in July Due to Clunkers Program

Japanese Economy Hit by “Double Nightmare”

Bankers’ Excesses…At Our Collective Expense

Tsunami of Broke and Desperate Americans

Fed urges secrecy on banks in bailout programs (A more accurate headline would be: “Fed Warns The Truth Will Destroy The Economy”)

Japan Unemployment Hits Record High

US Prisoners Get Cash To ‘Boost Economy’

Summer ‘Recovery’ Will Turn to Cold, Long Winter

Investment Crash Points to Economic Pain

UK Financial Watchdog Backs World Transaction Tax

Can The Financial Soufflé Rise Again?

UK Sleepwalking Toward Decade of Economic Misery

Germany to Lend Directly as Second Credit Dive Looms