Letter Re: Bug Out Contingency Planning for Relatives

Good morning . I have a question in regards to bugging out. I have a niece stationed on Fort Riley [, Kansas] (the waiting wife of nephew in Iraq) that I was wondering how would be the best way to get their little family out of there in a bug out situation . We are retired AF so we could get on base and get her but what about getting stuck . I do not believe the hundreds of thousands of people stationed there are anymore prepared than the rest of the (sheeple ) around this area . I am going have a sit down talk with her today so we can come up with some kind of plan . Thanks, – Diana

JWR Replies: In situations like yours, I recommend that you help them to assemble Bug Out bags, and encourage them to do a "test run". After that, all they can do is keep their gas tanks full and be vigilant in watching news events and always be ready to "beat feet" on short notice. And, of course, be prayerful.