Economics and Investing:

KAF flagged this: Tax Dodgers Scramble for Options Amid U.S. Crackdown [JWR Adds: Given this development, I predict that the offshore banking crowd may soon embrace some heretofore “outlaw” nations. There are lots of folks that are willing to take more risk in exchange for total privacy.]

Karen H. forwarded these:

Consumer Prices Fall as Shoppers Hold Back

With Lobster Prices Low, Things Get Ugly in Maine

Recession Chills Sunshine State Tourism

Items from The Economatrix:

Shifting Sands

Bank on Inflation (The Mogambo Guru)

Commercial Real Estate, Construction, and Finance Employment: How Commercial Real Estate Will Drag the California Economy Deeper Into Recession

How the US Treasury and Federal Reserve Juice the Market

The Grinch is About to Steal Christmas

Sales Unexpectedly Fall on Job Losses

US Consumer Confidence Sinks on Jobs Concern

Gasoline May Decline to $1.76 Within a Month
[JWR Adds: But higher crude oil prices are expected before the end of the year, so fill up your storage tanks, folks!]

Bank of Israel Halts Daily US-Dollar Purchase Program

Commentary from Mish Shedlock: Peas in the Deflationary Economic Pod
. JWR’s Comment: Yes, there will be deflation in the short term, but then watch out!

And from commentator Mike Whitney: US Financial System is Bankrupt, Economy Spinning Out of Control