Letter Re: Comfort and Holiday Foods for Family Food Storage

Mr. Editor,
I think someone should mention that one part of food storage schemes that is often overlooked is “comfort foods”. These are foods that can be used as occasional pick-me-ups that can break up a really monotonous and bland diet, when you are [living] on storage foods. It is also important to be able to celebrate special events, holidays, and big accomplishments, with something more than just a bowl of canned peaches. But my question is: What comfort foods do I store, that store well for years? Thanx, – Clifford D.

JWR Replies: I agree! Part of keeping harmony in a family during trying times is maintaining the ability to cheer folks up. Several of our advertisers sell “comfort” type storage foods, some with remarkably long shelf lives. These include:

Freeze Dry Guy
JRH Enterprises
Ready Made Resources
Best Prices Storable Foods
Healthy Harvest
Milk on the Moove

For example, see the “Dessert Cakes in a Can” offered by Ready Made Resources, and the freeze dried Raspberry Crumble and Blueberry Cheesecake, both sold by Safecastle.