Letter Re: Preventing Steel Food Cans from Rusting in High-Moisture Environments

Hello James and Memsahib!
Greetings and prayers for you both. In the Saturday August 8th blog there was a report of damage to underground storage food, with cans rusting.

When we traveled for years on our sailboat we varnished our canned goods to prevent rusting. We removed the labels, wrote the contents of the can with a permanent marker, then varnished each can. We never had a can rust with this protection. Our cans were exposed to salt air and an occasional dousing from bilge water.
B.B. thought that waxing his cans would help. That may work but any contact against the wax may remove some protection and defeat the purpose.
We read your blog daily and have learned much. “Patriots” is being read by all family members and we are praying for your bride.
With warm regards, – Ray & Vickie