Economics and Investing:

From GG:The FDIC is in Trouble. (Only 2/10ths of one cent in reserves left available for each dollar of deposits.)

Karen H. sent this: Recovery “not in sight” says BMW

Also from GG: U.K. Royal Mint Doubles Gold Output as Demand Swells

Greg C. found this one: Regulators close 3 banks in Florida, Oregon; total 72 “Bank failures have cascaded as the economy soured and loan losses soared, sapping billions of dollars out of the deposit insurance fund. It now stands at its lowest level since 1993, $13 billion as of the first quarter.”

Also from Karen H.: Crude Oil May Climb to $95 in Early 2010

Items from The Economatrix:

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Economist Says Recession is Over. (Don’t hold your breath.)

Cisco Cautious as Sales Fall 18% Predicting another drop in revenue

Banks Line Up for Second Round of TARP

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Rolling the Dice on AIG