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Eugene in Anaheim sent this: New Cash Steered to Clunkers

Thanks to Karen H. for this: America’s Recession ‘Safe Zone’ Shrinking

From The Daily Bell: Bob Chapman on gold, silver, a bank holiday and the monetary elite

Regulators shut down banks in five states; Regulators close banks in Fla., NJ, Ohio, Okla., Ill.; 69 US bank failures this year

Items from The Economatrix:

Weiss: Urgent Financial and Economic Crisis Investment Strategy Update “It’s only fair to acknowledge that the economic depression I foresaw in my book and in my reports is unfolding more slowly than I had expected. … the next phase of the crisis we’ve been warning you about has been delayed, … [But] my long-term outlook has not changed by one iota! All of this simply means that the calm before the next phase of this financial storm may be prolonged.”

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