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Laura H. spotted this: Congressman: Smart Grid Can be Wiped Out by Electromagnetic Weapons

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S.T. highlighted this: The Bed Bunker. I suppose that if two modules were bolted together, then it might be fairly hard to tote away. But I’d feel a lot better if the entire unit were bolted to the floor or to a wall. The “up on legs” design makes it far too convenient for a miscreant to apply leverage via a large iron bar, or perhaps even a pallet jack, if they planned ahead. (Far too many gun safes get hauled away by burglars!) I suppose that this design might have some utility for someone that is short on storage space. Note: I assume that the locks use double-cut keys. (tamper-resistant), but that is no substitute for a proper vault lock with multiple locking bars and a re-locking mechanism. (Technically, this is a gun locker–not a proper vault.) I’d only recommend buying these lockers if space were at a premium.

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Reader Krys W. advises: “Read between the lines in this article”: Power Shifts in Plan for Capital Calamity

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Thanks to the several readers that answered my query on finding unleaded fuel spouts for Scepter military fuel cans (MFCs). This source in British Columbia sells the small-diameter variety: D.S. Tactical