Economics and Investing:

Reader Greg C. found this: Treasury needs record $361 Billion April-June borrowing. (Greg’s comment: “And while we are all watching a little flu bug down south….”)

From G.N.C.: Roubini: ‘Suckers Rally’ In Stocks To Fade. “It’s not a true recovery. It’s just a bear-market rally, it’s a suckers’ rally.”

Steve in southern Oregon sent this item: Jim Rogers Isn’t Buying a U.S. Stock Recovery

Items from The Economatrix:

Chrysler Reaches Deal With Union, Fiat Before Deadline

Flu could boost government intervention further

From Michael Panzner’s blog: Evidence to the Contrary. “Despite all the evidence to the contrary, mainstream types keep insisting on two things: that what we are going through right now is a recession — albeit a severe one — and the worst is (or will soon be) over. Hogwash.”

Don Stott’s commentary on inflation (part 1)

Drugmaker shares rise on swine-flu outbreak