Notes from JWR:

Thanks to everyone that ordered copies of my novel “Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse” on “Book Bomb” Day. You placed so many orders that you totally wiped the copies that had on hand by 6 a.m. on April 8th. Amazon currently has 13,000 copies on order from the publisher, 10,000 of which should get to them sometime early next week. So most of you should have your books by late next week, and an unfortunate few of you possibly as late as June 26th, depending on when you placed your order. Again, thanks for your patience! OBTW, please don’t cancel your order and re-order for the sake of saving two bucks, or you’ll end up way at the back end of a very long queue.

I’ve been told that my agent has reached final agreement with the Atria and Pocket Books Divisions of Simon & Schuster on a deal for two sequels to “Patriots. Unlike traditional sequels, the storylines of these novels will be contemporaneous with the economic collapse and invasion described in the first novel. There will be some overlap of characters, but most of the action will take place in different locales. My goal is to use these two books to write about a lot of different tactics, techniques, and technologies for survival. I’m excited to be getting back to fiction writing. But of course I’ll continue daily posts at SurvivalBlog.