Economics and Investing:

Allen C. sent this: Most Bailed Out Banks Reduced Lending Since Getting Funds

KAF sent this bit of news on the continuing nationalization of US banking: U.S. May Convert Bank Bailouts to Common Stock

Items from The Economatrix:

GM to Cut 1,600 Jobs in Next Few Days

Bank Bailout Plan’s “Stress Test” Already Causing Stress

Recession Pits Small Banks Against Big Banks

Drivers Paying Highest Gas Prices So Far in 2009
Expect another 20 cent rise for the summer.

Geithner Defends Bank Rescue Program Amid Warnings
GM, Chrysler to Get $5B More

A Backdoor Nationalization: The Latest Treasury Brainstorm Will Retard A Banking Recovery

US Gold Rises On Safe-Haven Flow, Credit Fears

Market Bulls Have it All Wrong Warns Roubini

BofA’s Surge in Bad Loans Revives Economic Gloom

BofA Triggers New Bank Fears, Hits Markets; Dow Plunges 287 to 7,874

“Gold Rush” Home Parties

Global Markets Slide on Banking Fears