Letter Re: Transmission of Odors to Bulk-Packed Storage Foods

Dear Mr. Rawles,
I made a food storage mistake that I would like to share with other SurvivalBlog readers. Last summer I purchased a plastic food grade bucket, filled it with pasta, lentils, beans and candy mints, and sealed it up. I opened the bucket last week and discovered that I now have mint-flavored pasta, lentils, and beans. Even though the mints were individually-wrapped and packaged in a plastic bag their odor was so strong that it permeated just about everything. I’m sure the pasta, lentils, and beans are safe to eat, but they’ll just taste a bit strange. Lesson: Do not store strongly-flavored candy with food that will absorb its smell. Hopefully, others will learn from my mistake. Thanks!
God bless! – H.H.