Letter Re: Thanks for SurvivalBlog


I’d like to thank you personally for maintaining SurvivalBlog. Until last year, I’d always thought of my survival skills as important to have, but didn’t think I’d ever truly need them. Now that the bottom has fallen out of the economy (in exactly the way you predicted!), I believe everything I value is truly at risk. To see the danger that America is in, just turn on the news for ten seconds. To see the danger that the culture of true service to God is in, do a Google search for “De-baptism” or “Santa Muerte.” The world’s situation has gone rapidly downhill, but the amount of content on SurvivalBlog – and the attention it’s receiving – has been accelerating at an equal pace. Though my logistics are far from ideal, I’m much better prepared than I was a year ago, and I’m grateful to you for giving me the information to become this prepared.

Also, I got my copy of “Patriots” the other day. Its advice makes the average survival guide look like scribblings on the back of a Post-it note, and the plot is head and shoulders above the average thriller. Thanks for writing it, and God bless you.- James in the East