Letter Re: Tidal Waves of Urban Refugees

I was stationed on the DMZ in Korea with the 2nd Infantry Division. One of the big concerns the US army has is all of the millions of refugees that will be on the roads going south, if the North Koreans were to invade. We would be moving heavy equipment, and needing to move it fast, and the roads would be very congested. The US and the ROK army now have an agreement, that the ROK army would be responsible for clearing the roads, and believe me, they will. The US does not want to be responsible because, without a doubt, many refugees would literally be cleared off the roads with heavy equipment.

If anyone thinks it will be a pleasant Sunday afternoon drive to get out of the cities in a crisis, think again. There would be mass chaos, killings, hunger, loss of infrastructure.

I love your writings, My son (a teenager) does, too. He read your novel and loved it. God Bless. – DC