Odds ‘n Sods:

M.P. suggested a web site that describes an innovative self-watering and water efficient tomato growing system. “It is estimated that this system uses 75% less water than in-ground planting, a potentially huge benefit when the power goes out for good. Plans for building the device are given in both PDF and video format.”

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Signs of the times: Reader Andy H. sent us this excerpt from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Bulletin:

SOLD OUT – 415-CN. As a result over 9,000 orders already in [the] Estore and the many hundreds of other orders (received through the mail and via phone) that have not yet been entered into our system, and the number of orders estimated to already be in the mail coming our way, we have posted item 415-CN as sold out and removed it from the Estore. M2 [.30-06] Ball, [Greek Military Surplus] HXP, 240 rounds in 20 round cartons, in spam cans. We will be able to fill all orders already received and in the pipeline.

.30-06 M2 BALL PURCHASE LIMITS ESTABLISHED. Effective immediately, CMP is setting a purchase limit for items 407-CAN (.30-06 M2 Ball, HXP, clipped, in spam cans) and 407DCAN (.30-06 M2 Ball, clipped, in .30 cal ammo can). The new purchase limit is total of 10 cans of HXP ammo per year, per customer, regardless of item numbers ordered.

ORDER BACKLOG. For the past six months, the number of orders received by CMP for rifles, ammunition, and all other products has been unprecedented. As of today, 10 April 2009, our Sales Order Processing Dept is up to processing /shipping orders received at the end of Jan 2009, with several thousand orders still to go for Feb and Mar. Because of the large volume of orders that we continue to receive daily in the mail and through the Estore, customers should not expect any acknowledgment of our receiving orders for 30-45 days after mailing the order, and should not expect delivery for 90-120 days from placing an order. We ask our customers to bear with us. We will eventually recover from this surge. The CMP staff thanks you for your support and patience.

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KAF spotted this at CNN: Poll: Fewer Americans support stricter gun control laws