Economics and Investing:

G20 Summit Recovery Package: A Global Plan of Unprecedented Scale Derivatives will have to go through a central clearinghouse.

Concern Grows Over New IMF Power

G20: Fat Cats Brought Down to Earth with a Bump ” …the declaration shows how little political influence is now wielded by the once powerful vested interests of Wall Street and the City of London.”

President of European Commission Warns Millions More Europeans Will Lose Jobs

G20 Laid Foundation for Next, Bigger Crisis

Banks Could Bet on Toxic Assets with Taxpayers’ Money

“Making Work Pay” Won’t Change Many Spending Habits (Most won’t notice a $10 a week tax credit)

Death Tax Resurrected

Chrysler Stable Value Fund Loses Money Liquidated at 89 cents on the dollar

Laid-off To-do List

Recession Outlasts Extended Unemployment Benefits

Recession Erodes Everyday Conveniences Shoppers Got Used To